Business Lounge Frequently Asked Questions  
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What is the Business Lounge?  The DHL Stadium boasts a shared hospitality facility on Level 4 of the west quadrant of the stadium. The space consists of three spacious, well-furnished membership lounges with a bank of field-facing windows and doors that lead outside onto a wide veranda before leading down into some of the best field-viewing seats in the stadium. 


How does the Business Lounge membership work?  The DHL Stadium Business Lounge has two types of memberships: VIP and Supporter Memberships. These memberships are valid for 12 months. Members can purchase these memberships up front for the year (July – June).  Members are then welcome to attend the DHL Stormers and WP Rugby “home” matches – members will be required to purchase the relevant hospitality package for each match they elect to attend.  This is because the lounges are run as hospitality facilities so there is not the ability to use the facility without enjoying hospitality.  


What is the difference between the VIP Business Lounge and the Supporters Lounge?  While both lounges offer hospitality services, the VIP lounge is a more premium offering, with more matches hosted with a full self-service buffet meal.  Priority will also be given to the VIP lounge when securing rights from 3rd party event organisers.  The VIP lounge offers the best seats in the stadium, stretching across the half-way line on Level 4.  Members will be able to select a dedicated seat and utilise that seat for events.   


The Supporters lounge will also enjoy hospitality services, however the menu option will be more flexible and affordable.  The lounge is designed for sporting enthusiasts who appreciate a more comfortable viewing experience with catering services. Seating will be offered on a first come basis, with no reserved seating.   

What are some of the benefits of a membership? 
  • All WP Rugby “home” matches excluding play-offs and Test matches. This includes both DHL Stormers and WP Rugby inventory 
  • Dedicated seat for all sporting matches (VIP Lounge only) 
  • Priority booking rights for other events, subject to 3rd party event organiser negotiations 
  • Parking bay in the stadium or in close proximity (1 to every 4 memberships)* 
  • 20% discount on the rental of the VIP Business Lounge for private events – subject to availability* 
  • Access to the lounge 2 hours before and 2 hours after events, with bar closing 90 minutes after event 
Can I pay my membership in parts or over the duration of the membership   Memberships must be paid in full before the benefits can be enjoyed 
Once I am a member, can I come to any event I choose?   Subject to the type of event, members can enjoy a variety of events (subject to 3rd party event organisers), however will be required to purchase hospitality packages to all matches and events they wish to attend 
How do the hospitality packages work?   Members must purchase the required hospitality package from the DHL Stadium hospitality service provider. This can be done upfront or event by event  
Will a membership come with parking?   For Western Province Rugby (WPR) events, the VIP membership allows for 1 parking per 4 memberships. Alternatively, members can purchase parking from WPR if available.  
What is a third party bowl event?   Events staged at the Stadium other than WPPR Events which are not National Protected Events or Clean Stadium Events 
What is a pre-emptive use right?  This a preferential right of a Member to purchase a hospitality package which exercisable within an agreed ‘window period’ to access the Business Lounge for certain Third Party Bowl Events: 
Is there provisions made for disabled seating?  Yes. Wheelchair space will be made available behind the last row of seating (Row 13) in both lounges 
Can I cancel my membership?  Memberships are not refundable but they can be transferred once during the year at no additional cost.